This 630W CMH Professional Line ballast from INNOTECH Lighting is highly efficient. It is a real low frequency ballast, LF Low Frequency, its frequency wave is square, provides a constant power output to the CMH lamp, prolongs the life of the lamp and increases the light efficiency.

These low frequency electronic ballasts are extremely efficient and provide high performance. They have a high power factor and high luminous efficacy. Its stable performance creates a constant power output and prolongs the life of the bulb. The short circuit protection technology prevents damage to the bulb and other ballasts connected to the same circuit.


This ballast has been taken care of to the smallest detail, from its heat dissipation system, the design of its circuit, and each of its high-end components.


Its heat dissipation system is very new, the components are installed in the upper part of the ballast, in order not to have contact with any base that can stop the heat dissipation, and thus let the heat produced outside escape better.


Prepared to work on a large scale, more than fifty, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred ballasts…. in the same installation, since it comes with a built-in relay for a perfect distribution of light. Ideal for professional crops and greenhouses. Besides, it offers several protection systems.

Operating procedures

Install your lamp on the reflector, make sure that the output cables / plugs between the reflector and the lamp are properly connected. Plug the ballast cable into the power supply.



Key features High-level components manufactured in Japan, USA and Germany. Soft start / soft dimming. Large power regulator. Constant output power. REAL Low frequency, square wave ballast. Fully compatible with SE / DE CMH / CDM / LEC bulbs. High power factor. Updated heat dissipation system LF, Low Frequency low frequency, square wave. Extend the lamp life of at least 10% compared to other ballasts CMH Protections; against short circuit, protection against open circuit, protection against the end of the lamp life, protection against hot start, protection against misfire, thermal protection, protection against low and high voltage. It can work 30m away from the reflector, although we do not recommend separating it so much to avoid a loss of lumens. The vast majority work 3m and 5m away


Input voltage range: 180-265Vac.

Input voltage: 220V / 230V / 240V, 50 / 60Hz.

Output frequency: 100Hz

Power factor:> 0.99.

Total harmonic distortion (THD): <10%.

Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

Crest factor: <1.7. Adjustable: 315W-475W-630W-ProLumen. Dimension: L 276mm x W 112mm x H 80mm